The activity of CARROSSERIES MOLAS was started by its founder Jaime Molas, it dates back to the year 1963 (see photographs of vehicles of that period manufactured in wood).

From 1997 to the present, the company is managed by Albert Molas, since then the activity has been drifting towards specialization of bodyworking of cattle vehicles.

The extensive experience, next to the update effort and constant improvements, has allowed to achieve the recognition of the sector.

In short we can guarantee the suitability of our bodyworks and elevators, so that the customer can benefit from the result of a successful design, the development of a customized body, and a careful production process. All this being aware of the demands derived from the efforts that bodyworks are subjected to, and of a complete adaptation to the current regulations and animal welfare, also with a qualified human team to perform productive functions, of management, techniques and development.

In addition to manufacturing, CARROSSERIES MOLAS provides immediate assistance for any start-up need for the development or repair of all types cattle bodyworks, keeping the quality and effor for the new manufacturing bodywork.

To complement the maintenance and the repairing service we have a workshop van to give a fast assistance service 24 hours.