All our bodyworks are customized with the needs of the customer. During the process of calculation and design of the bodywork, it is checked whether these needs can be met without violating current regulations on the capacities, loads, lengths, cantilever etc. and animal welfare standards. Once the vehicle is manufactured we pass the ITV inspection with the technical study and the corresponding certificates that are delivered to the customer ready to register.

A feature to hightlight in all our products and models is the use of aluminum as the only element to manufacture so we get the following advantages: user need's. Technological evolution. Legislation and regulations.


  • Important reduction of TARA.
  • High resistance to corrosion.
  • Eliminate the maintenance.
  • Suitable profiling to each specific need, both in its form, with its own designs, and in the choice of the precise alloy in each case.
  • Substantial improvement of hygiene.
  • Ease and homogenization in the construction.
  • Compliance with current legislation and animal welfare.
  • Respectful with the environment.